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Hotwheels storage

saw something similar on pinterest with toilet paper rolls. i wanted something with a little rigidity and size. ended up using the rolls from my epson printer (7900 24″)

black betty

.the end of an era and one of my greatest achievements.

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Affordable Industrial Lighting

The Caged Pendant: My first creation this one is shown with 36″ gold fabric braided cord, black cage, and eddison bulb.

contact for purchase, made to order and customizable

Image-3161 Image-3155_full

AKG K701


What’s in your pocket?



left to right / top to bottom:

  • 8cup thermos
  • .380 cal with 12 FMJ’s
  • Mini-Multi Tool w/ Sheath
  • Pocket Fresnel Magnifier w/ Sheath by Carson
  • Altoids Tin Survival kit:  fishing kit, sewing kit, waterproof matches, two straight razors, two xacto blades, 4′ small threaded poly cord, antiseptic cream, assorted adhesive bandages, 6′ electrical tape, 6′ black duct tape, one tinder-quik starter and dryer lint, 2hr emergency candle, four MP1 water purification tablets, 20mm compass, five small zip ties, LRI photon LED, commando wire saw, super glue, one Xanax.
  • Keys w/ S-biner opener
  • I-Phone
  • Dad’s Zippo
  • Chapstick
  • Space Pen
  • Higo Blade by Best Co.
  • Randolph Aviators
  • O-Light T20 flashlight
  • Saddleback Leather Bifold (medium) in DCB


50th running of the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona

What a crazy weekend this turned out to be. Let me start by stated this wasn’t my first trip and will not be last. The event as a whole was nothing short of insane and by insane it covers the highs and the lows which were all equally insane.

here are the liner notes

  • The three us left at 5am on Friday morning for the 8.5 hr trip, not knowing if we had a campsite that we paid for.
  • Trip down was fairly uneventful, the car was ok and got great milage 31mpg! loaded to the max. There was this one jackass pulling a huge camper and a rear bike mount attached to the front of his rig with two scooters on it, it was so unsafe and ridiculous.
  • Also on the trip down saw a hauler full of FISKER Karma’s. Very impressive.
  • Arrived at the track around 2:30pm in time to see the BMW performance 200.  We were also easily able to locate space for our camp site. Which we were told at the entrance it was full. (that sums up the staff at DIS)
  • We were going to get dinner at Shells but its gone, literally closed. Instead we hit up “Winghouse” a blatant Hooters ripoff but with way better food.
  • Don’t buy fire wood from retail. I knew this going in but we didnt have any options. We were originally going to take down some but thats when we were going to take the dodge and had massive room but also a massive gas note to spilt up. Took us 2 hrs to get it going and it smoked like a freight train from being so wet. Plus most of our strong juice was consumed during this time.
  • We did have the pleasure of conversing with some cool guys from Michigan, thats what camping is all about.
  • I weep the for future of Florida, if this group of underage alcoholics reflects the general teenage angst of Florida they are doomed. Seriously if you ask passersby “what grade they’re in?” theres some major issues. These out of control teens weren’t there for the event, hell they were gone by sunday at first light. They just there to get tanked, talk trash to teenage girls with little clothes on, and to talk trash to grown men that aren’t intoxicated and carry hydroshocks and cold steel. Self restraint was really tested within our group, even upon confronting these jokers there was denial. I thought there were Rednecks in NC, at least ours are polite and respectful of personal space.
  • Saturday = Race day: Bubba and Anna came to but met up with us later as they didnt have infield parking,  We had them grab us more firewood and some ice. The short of it is it took us 4 hours to get back to the campsite, because DIS is stupid. At least it was 2 hours before the start.
  • A bit before the start we head to the staging lanes my favorite place to be, screw the autograph session in the fanzone. The staging lanes has the Cars and the Drivers hanging out and you can feel the excitement. I check with the others and they really didn’t care for autographs but i always enjoy getting a couple so I head the turner bmws. I find #94 and get the full roster ( Billy Johnson, Boris Said, Paul Dalla Lana, and Bill Auberlen) plus another year and another pic with Boris. Should’ve have gotten Bill Turners, he was right be side of me didn’t notice till i looked at the pics later. However I think I Jinxed them, while waiting for the last sig I decided to to leave my own on the door of the 94 car.. damn it, the 94 did not finish. however the 93 turner car finished 27th.
  • Head to the grandstands upper level for the start and grab some food. Did I mention the weather? It was Amazing!
  • During the night the Oryx Racing R8 had a mishap and was towed right by our tent, Sweet!
  • Met a couple more peeps from Miami Saturday night they pitched camp with us and shared our fire. During the night on saturday while conversing with them, the teens couple sites over had a 40′ tall fire which contained furniture and xmas trees. This proved to be ill advised considering the Daytona PD decided to show up Saturday but not on Friday. Next thing we see is a full size fire truck followed by a large puff of smoke. Their weekend ended early thank god, towed and tickets… Awesome!
  • My Saturday night nap had some bad timing, and slept thru the massive fireworks display.
  • Garrett Slept 12hrs Saturday night. 12hr = half the race.
  • Sunday am Jay and I are standing round the fire brushing our teethlo. We notice the fuzz right beside us but think nothing of it as they made their presence known all weekend. As we’re watching we notice an unmarked van back into the site next to us and a gurney comes out the back! We instantly look at each other and say coroner?! Sure enough some dude went to sleep Saturday night and didn’t wake up, alcohol poisoning is what we were able to gather. The guy investigating didn’t like me taking a pic at all. Still nothing on the news about this, I bet DIS did what they could for that not to be public.. WILD!
  • We make our way to watch a good bit of the race on Sunday, did a lot of sight seeing around the grounds. Pack up the car and tent prior so we could make an easy getaway. Head to the Party Pad for the finish, it was the tightest finish I’ve ever heard of for this race the top 3 finishers were on the same lap and the top 2 in GT were as well. It may have been the angle but the finish was anticlimactic in a way. Maybe its because we knew the craziness had just abruptly ended.
  • Upon our exit hit up the 5$ Little Caesars large pizza and do lunch in the parking lot, retained the rest of the pies for a cold dinner.
  • We jump on the highway at 4:30pm and arrive in Welcome a little after midnight. On the way up, deer everywhere and smoke. Yea Smoke, smoke from the forest fire that claimed the lives of 10 others on the highway adjacent (hwy 75).. The air was horrid for the whole trip actually not just but a general stench.
  • Monday I took the day off, thank god. Its odd not having earplugs in anymore and having to come off of that adrenaline filled weekend. Biscuitville wasn’t a bad remedy to get me back to reality.



Video: The Start from UPPER grandstand


.photo credit: forgeline.

Marshall Major Headphones

majors majors2

Wolverine 1000 mile boot: Addison

after 1 week of wear. two coats montana pitch-blend applied prior


Emotiva XRM-6.1


Steve Jobs Dies 1955-2011

Today has a strange feel, Steve Jobs died yesterday Oct 5th. He was 56yrs old and suffered a surprisingly long battle with pancreatic cancer. It’s odd what I’m feeling almost as if a family member has passed. I’ve always felt so connected and almost connected to him. Ipods, Iphones, Ipads, apple computers, etc.. Seriously you name it I’ve probably had it. I swear every thing apple has created has been an industry standard and never matched.

I extend my condolences to his family and specifically his children. I know that feeling, losing a father that young. Accomplishments aside everyone knows that ones father is their father and the greatest one to walk this earth…

Secondly id like extend my thanks to Steve Jobs for my career, and  could almost argue a thank you for my life. without apple and your innovations the creative world would be completely different from head to toe.

.below are some photos of Steve Jobs that i felt fitting for my site.


Jobs ridding a ’66 BMW motorcycle in NatGeo feature: HIGH TECH,HIGH RISK,& HIGH LIFE IN Silicon Valley Oct-82


Jobs in his early years with a 2-channel fit for the ages.

plumen bulb

Been following these guys for awhile and their bulbs are finally back in stock and shipping to the US!




.to do pads.

with my kind of compassion.

ranging in price


They’ll fight over it when I’m gone.

For as long as i can remember i’ve always been one to carry a bag. From the grip days in the studio to today and it just being everyday Items, Theres even been a bag of tools in every vehicle I’ve ever owned. I’d like to step it up a notch and get a bag I’ll never have to replace, one that Brandtson can admire and wonder of its journeys when he’s older… The search for such bag has landed pointed me to Saddleback leather Co. the message conveyed by this company is perfect its american based and all about family, friends, and adventure. I just can’t wait to carry mine.  I’m leaning toward the Classic Briefcase/Large dark coffee brown  along with a new wallet in the same finish. let this addiction begin……..




the perfect man’s chair

Since the addition of the men’s room and more recently the manland extension to that. My serach for the perfect place to sit has increased. These are the best of the best in my search. hopefully I can make a decision sooner than later.

the requirements are simple:
  1. top grade leather
  2. recliner or included ottoman
  3. slouchability
  4. can promote ample napping
  5. station for listening to cans and surfing the web
  6. **pillowy puffed upholstery is out of the question**

(in no particular order other than discovery)

1. This list would not be a true man’s chair search without  the Eames lounger & Ottoman. It definitely looks the part. This chair screams modern and masculine at the same time. but lists at 3000$ for the chair alone and 4500$ for the combo…. Another note worthy option would be a replica. There are two that i’ve found that high enough reviews to consider. One is sold by an NYC based company manhattanhomedesign and it lists at 999$ (in any finish combo) plus assembly plus shipping, ugh its adds up to about 1300$. Sadly that’s quite a bit for a chair i cant try out first.(heres the MHD option: right)

2. The Ikea Arvika Swivel Chair and Ottoman in Grann brown leather. This chair is based on the Karlstad version that was offered in various fabric options a year or so ago. Now I know some may think “Ikea, Really” the answer is yes this isnt the standard Ikea M.O. was press wood and cheaper materials. When sitting in this chair you forget where you are very quickly.. Plus i really dig the coloring of this leather the SS base and ottoman alone is very attractive, hue is similar to saddle brown in high end luxury sports cars. The combo rings in just under $750 for pair with NC sales tax.  (seen below)

3. The Drake Barrel Back from Restoration Hardware. What’s up man throne!? modeled after traditional English fireside chairs. features: Kiln-dried hardwood frame, Curved back and deep wings, Thick seat cushion is button-tufted, Antique brass nailhead trim, Tobacco-hued hardwood legs. This pairing is stunning and has a large of testosterone injected awesomeness but is that worth a blind $2890? (seen below)

4. Ashbury bonded leather chair, sold Costco.  made by D’oro (which they call it the soho) Modern styling naturally displays confidence with suave style. Deep seating and form fitting tailoring show off  as expertly crafted and richly detailed. Also has a loose box-style seat cushion with the no-sag sinuous spring seating system, double needle stitched seams, sleek contoured arms, 100% finished solid wood exposed feet, and a durable frame that’s constructed with a combination of select hardwood solids. This gem is sold for a measly 399$ and 599$ (plus tax) if bought in pairs!! That being said it’s bumped to a front runner for myself theres a fair chance to locate one locally and test sit. Plus we all know Costco has a great return policy. (seen below)

  • side note ~ theres not ottoman
  • there is a reclining version as well but ive not located a dealer..
  • its bonded leather 🙁

5. Juno Recliner from R&B. “Created exclusively for R&B by renowned modernist Vladimir Kagan, our Juno recliner captures his signature style with its organic shape and sculptural design.” This chair has a classic look that I love, almost Mid-Cent-Mod. I love that its US made (Texas) and uses bison leather. It comes in a variety of hue options as well. However to be honest it’s not a top contender for me personally as I’m 6’4″ and it only measures 62″d when reclined. Also a huge risk sight unseen at just under 2500$ But its deserves to be on my list because i dig it. (below)

6. Manhattan Club Chair, sold by Pottery Barn. This is a heavy favorite for myself, I’m sure the photography has something to do with it. The leather will “wear-in” as it ages, acquiring a rich and beautiful patina that has its own special character. Because no artificial finishes are applied to our leather, any distinctive marks and nuances in texture and color are not masked, and are the signature of top-quality leather. Generously padded with a thick layer of cushioning on the arms and back for extra comfort. Frame is constructed using only kiln-dried hardwood, and is reinforced with double doweling and corner blocking for structural integrity. Eight-gauge sinuous steel springs provide exceptional support. Expertly built by master craftsmen in the heart of North Carolina. Coming in at a very reasonable price point $1450 after tax and shipping, ottoman & recliner  are also available. (below)

  • was able to test out this chair at the local pottery barn. to be honest the chair was comfy but the arms were very large and the back angle was a bit extreme.

7. Ian, sold by R&B. nothing too out of the ordinary here, its a little more modern most. high arms and deep, i personally like that its deeper than most given my height. Made with top-grain leather  available in a variety of tones. ottoman also avail. NC made!

Decision Made! I went with my gut on this one and my first choice. 1. the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman from MHD. arrives tomorrow!


Perch is part of Audiowood’s new bamboo series, constructed of Plyboo, sustainably produced bamboo. Flexible design for use on-wall, on-wall above desktop, or on-desktop.


  • Designed for use with a “naked” iPad2, with or without Smart Cover.
  • Includes an integral 3′ Apple certified usb synching/charging cord.
  • Mounts to wall using pre-drilled holes with 16″ spacing for mounting to wall studs, or through the use of hollow wall anchors.
  • Can also be used on desktops with included rubber feet.
  • Has an integrated, passive “horn” type sound chamber that makes iPad’s speaker sound slightly fuller and more natural.
  • Durable furniture-grade finish. Solid bamboo construction.
  • Optional mounting kit is available, which includes fasteners for wall mounting.
  • 18.75″w x 1.5″h x 3.75″d

Perch ships in approximately 2-3 weeks if not in stock. If in stock, ships in 1-2 days. International orders will ship via USPS, and buyer is responsible for any customs charges levied in the destination country.

.source: audiowood.


Marantz Av7005

AV7005 Networking AV Preamplifier/Processor

The new Marantz AV7005 preamplifier/processor delivers pace-setting iPod compatibility and streaming media capability in a DLNA 1.5 compliant audio/video preamplifier that boasts WiFi APP control and stunning cosmetics. A state-of-theart

digital front end allows the AV7005 to draw audio content from any connected PC, the internet, iPods, USB hard disc drives, and more. The audio circuitry in the AV7005 represents a significant performance upgrade over the that of

theSR7005; a Dedicated Preamplifier Subassembly replaces the SR’s multichannel power amplifier and features a rock-solid regulated power supply with custom wound transformer. All channels feature magnetically actuated, gold plated

relays for superior channel separation and near zero crosstalk, while a symmetrical HDAM layout offers an enhanced soundstage and pin-point image localization. The AV7005 delivers the kind of audiophile-grade sound reproduction that

makes it a welcome addition to any very high quality home theater. EVEN MINE!


product/model photography and merge.


ikea lack hutch

very neat use of space and resources. (uncredited images)