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What’s in your pocket?



left to right / top to bottom:

  • 8cup thermos
  • .380 cal with 12 FMJ’s
  • Mini-Multi Tool w/ Sheath
  • Pocket Fresnel Magnifier w/ Sheath by Carson
  • Altoids Tin Survival kit:  fishing kit, sewing kit, waterproof matches, two straight razors, two xacto blades, 4′ small threaded poly cord, antiseptic cream, assorted adhesive bandages, 6′ electrical tape, 6′ black duct tape, one tinder-quik starter and dryer lint, 2hr emergency candle, four MP1 water purification tablets, 20mm compass, five small zip ties, LRI photon LED, commando wire saw, super glue, one Xanax.
  • Keys w/ S-biner opener
  • I-Phone
  • Dad’s Zippo
  • Chapstick
  • Space Pen
  • Higo Blade by Best Co.
  • Randolph Aviators
  • O-Light T20 flashlight
  • Saddleback Leather Bifold (medium) in DCB


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