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Mav-Audio D1 dac: hot-rodded w/OPA627 OpAmp & GE5670W Tube

Audio inputs


  • Optical audio input x 1 (Digital)
  • Coaxial audio input x 1 (Digital)
  • USB connector x 1 (Digital)
  • Analog audio input x 1 (Analog)
  • Line-in audio input x 1 (Analog)
  • Optical connector: TOSLINK 660nm
  • Coax connector: RCA, 500mVpp into 75 ohms
  • Analog  connector: RCA, 1000k ohms
  • Accepted sample rates: 32khz, 44.1Khz, 48Khz, 88.2Khz, 96Khz
  • Accepted audio format: linear PCM, 16, 20 or 24 bits per sample


Audio outputs:


  • All RCA connectors are gold-plated
  • Volume control is provided for all outputs
  • Two dedicated linear power regulators for DAC and line-out stages
  • Dedicated linear power regulators for Tube stage
  • Analog RCA outputs signal-to-noise ratio: >96dB
  • Tube pre-out outputs signal-to-noise ration: >90dB
  • Analog RCA and Tube pre-out outputs impedance: 5K ohms
  • Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.001% (RCA outputs), less than 0.1% (Tube pre-out outputs)
  • Maximum output power:   1000mW x 2 (32 ohms), 500mW x 2 (300 ohms), 300mW x 2 (600 ohms)


Headphone outputs:


  • Standard 1/4″ jack
  • Minimum headphone impedance: 16 ohms
  • Maximum headphone impedance: 600 ohms
  • Headphone output power: 300mW ~ 1000mW




  • R-core Linear 110/220 manual switch




  • Dimensions: 10″W x 2.1″H x 6.5″D (260mm x 55mm x 167mm)
  • Finish: brushed aluminum in black color



glow audio



  • Proprietary 3″ full range driver cones made of bamboo and hemp fibers for a natural, organic sound.
  • “Puzzle piece” enclosures made of recycled scrap wood, to minimize environmental impacts.
  • “Facet” interior enclosure surface (patent pending). While the outer surface of the enclosure is smooth, the interior has a faceted surface that acts to break up standing waves.
  • “Variable cross section” enclosure minimizes frequency specific enclosure resonances (patent pending) .
  • High quality speaker connections.





the chair

_MG_0276 _MG_0277

the stereo lab: an extension of manland

An on going photo documentary of finishing out the mancave.

the plans:


studded out:















 laminate on the ceiling? yup



the tile.




death dome
dome dome2












MISC. photos


AKG K701


Marshall Major Headphones

majors majors2


Perch is part of Audiowood’s new bamboo series, constructed of Plyboo, sustainably produced bamboo. Flexible design for use on-wall, on-wall above desktop, or on-desktop.


  • Designed for use with a “naked” iPad2, with or without Smart Cover.
  • Includes an integral 3′ Apple certified usb synching/charging cord.
  • Mounts to wall using pre-drilled holes with 16″ spacing for mounting to wall studs, or through the use of hollow wall anchors.
  • Can also be used on desktops with included rubber feet.
  • Has an integrated, passive “horn” type sound chamber that makes iPad’s speaker sound slightly fuller and more natural.
  • Durable furniture-grade finish. Solid bamboo construction.
  • Optional mounting kit is available, which includes fasteners for wall mounting.
  • 18.75″w x 1.5″h x 3.75″d

Perch ships in approximately 2-3 weeks if not in stock. If in stock, ships in 1-2 days. International orders will ship via USPS, and buyer is responsible for any customs charges levied in the destination country.

.source: audiowood.


Marantz Av7005

AV7005 Networking AV Preamplifier/Processor

The new Marantz AV7005 preamplifier/processor delivers pace-setting iPod compatibility and streaming media capability in a DLNA 1.5 compliant audio/video preamplifier that boasts WiFi APP control and stunning cosmetics. A state-of-theart

digital front end allows the AV7005 to draw audio content from any connected PC, the internet, iPods, USB hard disc drives, and more. The audio circuitry in the AV7005 represents a significant performance upgrade over the that of

theSR7005; a Dedicated Preamplifier Subassembly replaces the SR’s multichannel power amplifier and features a rock-solid regulated power supply with custom wound transformer. All channels feature magnetically actuated, gold plated

relays for superior channel separation and near zero crosstalk, while a symmetrical HDAM layout offers an enhanced soundstage and pin-point image localization. The AV7005 delivers the kind of audiophile-grade sound reproduction that

makes it a welcome addition to any very high quality home theater. EVEN MINE!

ikea lack tower

im a big fan of the lack series heres a few ideas not commonly seem.

the lack tower (my favorite since it is my own): made with the lack side tables legs cut to length and filled. along with isolation spikes and solid base. casters were added for mobility


The Men’s Room

the photo documentary of the “men’s room” a progressive story.

in the current rotation:

mains: Ls-6 towers in super RARE Piano Black / center: carnegie CSC-1 piano black / surrounds: erd-1s / rears: UAC-8.2s / sw: epik conquest

Marantz av-7005 prepro / xpa-2 / xpa-5 / belkin pf60 / emotiva CMX-2

Roku 2xs / samsung DTB-H260F / ps3 slim 120gb / toshiba hda30 / 

epson 5020-ub / stewart luxus deluxe 100″ fixed frame with StudioTek 130 G3


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notable past products recognized:
MMC-1 prepro / UMC-1 prepro / ERC-1 cd transport/ Onix sig RS850 & bigfoot center / x-voce  satin blk center / ed a2-300 x2 / ed a5-350 / epson powerlite home cinema 1080-ub / UPA-2 / LPA-1 / XPA-3 / onix xcd-99 (hotrodded)


the towers


System: 2-way, 14-driver line source, vented enclosure with 8 rear-firing flared ports.
Drivers: Six (6) customized BG Neo 8 midrange/tweeter panels, eight (8) custom 6.5″ xbl² woofers per speaker
Tweeters: Custom Neo 8 built by BG Corp.
Woofers: New woofer desgined just for this application called M-165LS.
Dimensions: 12″ wide X 68″ tall (not including base and spikes) X 16.5″ deep
Weight: ~ 123lbs each
Efficiency: Conservatively rated as 90db 1 watt/1 meter.
MSRP: $4495+per pair

is the wait over ?


the “final” FW is slated for release tomorrow, will this be the end of over priced processing? EMOTIVA