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Born and raised in the North Carolina countryside, Carl has always been one to keep himself easily entertained. As a child, he had no clue how creative and bright he truly was. His creativity started at a young age from building forts to watercolor paintings. His mind and ability knew no limits. After high school Carl found himself at a loss as to what to do next. Always having an eye for photography and composition, he decided to take that to the next level.

He attended Randolph Community College and studied commercial photography, where his grades and creativity soared. Using his talents along with those witty one liners to win over his instructors. While at RCC, he held two co-op internships, both of which he worked with after graduation in the High Point furniture business. When one of those studios came upon hard economic times and took a turn for the worse, Carl found himself looking for a new position. Opportunity presented itself in a similar venture  doing fashion photography and photo manipulation. He has spent the past 6 years expanding his role with the company, wearing many hats throughout the day- photographer, retoucher, set designer, 4-color specialist, and press operator. His talent, open mind, and charming personality has taken him to New York to work one on one with the company’s largest clients. Always the overachiever, Carl is known for working as long and hard as needed to get a job done.

Carl’s personal life mimics his professional one, as he keeps himself busy tinkering on cars, expanding his vast knowledge of AV and HI-FI systems and cinematography, being ‘Mr. Fix it’ and spending time with his wife and their 2 dogs. Carl is enjoying the arrival of his second son Billy Hamilton and the company of his first Brandtson Ryder.

.learn the art of light, all things are bright. ~ ml